Latest News Articles

Polio Eradication One Step Closer

Global efforts of mass vaccination campaigns have led to a ‘major milestone’ in the battle against polio, according to a new report…[read more]

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity surgery improves the long-term health of patients and is a highly cost effective option for the NHS, according to a new report…[read more]

Recent Medical Student Blogs

Recent Medical Blogs

Antibiotic Guardians

The rate of antibiotic resistance is continually rising. This poses a significant threat to the management of patients, therefore a new campaign aims to help reduce resistance rates continuing to rise. [read more]

Chlamydia – The Importance of Screening

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, with the majority of cases diagnosed in people under the age of 25. The infection is largely ‘silent’, meaning that majority of people won’t experience any symptoms…[read more]

Calorie Content of Alcohol

Public health doctors have said that alcohol should have calorie information displayed on the label, as an aid to tackle obesity. At present, under EU food labelling laws alcohol manufacturers must indicate the alcoholic strength…[read more]

Organ Donation – Join The Register

Last week a 25 year old man was hit and killed by a car in London but has saved six lives as he was registered as an organ donor….[read more]

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